Sunday, March 15, 2009


As previously published, the first Istoria Timor writing competition has now closed and we have received 10 entries. The entries received are as follows:

  • Atauro by Amelino "Ano" Fernandes

  • Loron Abang Nakonu ho Esperansa by Atanasio Maria Pinto

  • Matan Ben ho Esperansa - Betty Reis

  • Tinta Nurak - Edmundo "Cono" Corbafo

  • Lalaok Domin - Flash C. Guterres (Preman 69)

  • Tuku 11 - Irim Tolentino

  • Subar Domin Sai Realidade - Maria "Lena" Madalena

  • Tinan Ikus Iha Kolegio - Marciano da C. Fernandes

  • Harohan Ida hose Matebian Sira - Fransisco Pinto Amaral

  • Ha'u Maka Lucas - Teodozio "Teo" Batista Ximenes

Judges will be selected over the coming weeks and we expect to announce the winners by the end of May 2009.

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Anonymous said...

All the entries are really qualified..

proud to all writers..