Monday, September 29, 2008

Kestaun Sira/FAQs

Karik Ita iha kestaun ruma, favor husik hela Ita-nia komentariu iha postu ne'e no tuirmai ami sei hatama ba lista.

1. Kona-ba Saida mak ha'u bele hakerek?

Saida de'it! Ami labele hatete ba Ita-Boot sira kona-ba saida mak Ita bele no labele hakerek. Durante hakerek ne'e ho dalen tetun no forma hanesan istoria (lahanesan ho artigu ka teze ruma) ami kontete ona. "Istoria" Iha kompetisaun ne'e lo'os Istoria (Ind. Sejarah maibe Cerita, Ing. La'os History maibe Story) ne'ebe hakerek maizoumenus tenki ho lifuan to'o 10,000.

2. Se mak seui korrizedor iha kompetisaun ne'e?

Sra Kirsty Sword Gusmao
Sr Joao Paulo
Sra Maria do Ceu
Sr Naldo Rei
Sr Nunu Belo
Sr Abe Baretto Soares

3. Oinsa mak Ha'u atu aprezenta Ha'u-nia istoria?

Favor haruka hela Ita-Boot nia istoria ba email:

4. Saida mak vensedor sira sei simu?

Premiu dahuluk: $500
Premiu daruak: $200
Premiu datoluk: $100

Tinan dia ne'e mos sei iha premiu ida ho folin $500 ba istoria husi feto sira nian ne'ebe di'ak liu.

5. Bainhira mak aprezentasaun Istoria sira ramata?

Aprezentasaun istoria sira sei remata iha 30 fulan Junu 2010 no anunsiu ba vensedor sira iha fulan Agostu 2010.

If you have more questions, please leave a comment on this post and we will add it to the list.

1. What should I write about?

Anything! We don't want to tell people what they can or can not write about. As long as it is in Tetum and is structured like a story (as opposed to an article or an essay) then we're happy. "Istoria" in Portuguese means "history" while in Tetum it has two meanings: "history" and "story". We mean "story". Remember, the story must be at least 10,000 words.

2. Who will judge the competition?

The judging panel, appointed by Timor Aid and Fundasaun Alola, is:

Sra Kirsty Sword Gusmao
Sr Joao Paulo
Sra Maria do Ceu
Sr Naldo Rei
Sr Nunu Belo
Sr Abe Baretto Soares

3. How do I submit my story?

Please email your story to

4. What does the winner receive?

First prize is $500
Second prize is $200
Third prize is $100

This year, there will also be a prize of $500 for the best story from a female entrant.

5. When do entries close?

Entries close on Wednesday 30 June with the winners to be announced in August.

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