Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Istoria ba kompetisaun simu ona

We have begun to receive entries for the competition. So far we have received four via email, one hard copy and have been promised another two hard copies in the coming days.

I hope to post another profile of a writer soon, but in the meantime, if you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of the project, read the submitted stories and provide constructive criticism, then please join our Istoria Timor mailing list.


Anonymous said...

Mr. John,

How are u??? I would like to find out, how to assess the istoria???

thx b4.


mr_john said...

Maun Pinto,

That's a very good question. I have some ideas, but I would like the authors to decide the best way to judge the stories.

I intend to have a big meeting with all of the authors the week after the competition closes on February 28 to discuss this with them.

I will send all of the authors smses and emails when the date approaches.



Anonymous said...

Ok thanks maun John.


Marciano said...

Maun John, when the meeting you have planned been realized??? The stories in the google groups are interesting, i read them all, n I am reading the newest one...it seems a great story too.